My Godmother

It's yesterday when I'd landed on Brisbane airport to spend my holiday for a few days. First is to meet my Godmother that I haven't seen for almost 20 years. After 2 days, I'm going to visit my bestfriend on Sunshine coast.

My Godmother and I only had talked on the phone or online once in while, we became very close and eveytime I need someone to talk with, I contact her as if she is my mother her in Australia.  She showed to me some beautiful places here in Brisbaine city, I've enjoyed the ocean scene at Queensland and NSW. She is very caring and  I was overwhelmed with her warm welcome and acceptance to be with her even just like 2 days. We had never ending chat about our lives, her deceased husband was a great musician, may he rest in peace and I was surprised when she told me she play piano like those Bigsby produced instruments. 

I had a great time with her and even introduced me to her friends. Tommorow is my last day to spend time with her and I really appreciate her kindness and hospitality to give me a 2 hour drive to drop me on Sunshine Coast to see my bestfriend. I'm so thankful for that.

Hope we will arrive safe and sound as we travel tommorow.