My Sunday Afternoon

After church at noon time, I went home thinking what to do, my partner is going to pick up his brother at rehabilitation centre to help his brother on shopping and visit his home, I decided to go out with him. We stop by on hardware shop to buy box cutters  and sprinkler for his garden. While inside I browse on garden section and found a pond with a few gold fish swimming so I took photos of them. I thought it might be boring afternoon for me (hehe) from the start I guess, but I cope the day and make it wonderful. While on the road, I was fascinated to use my camera and keep taking photos while the car is moving.  I had a few lovely snaps of big clouds, some interesting buildings and landmarks of the places we’ve passed by.  Also the last bit was feeding the pigeon with chips after we return to the center and taking the best shot as I can while the bird was eating and chasing other birds to keep away on his food. I had my fun and that makes my day beautiful in the end, I think.hmmm

After leaving the rehab, I was able to run some errands I wanted to get in the shop for the last minute before it closes. Lucky, we made it on time, if not it’s a big big frown on my face, if I didn't get them (lol) After all my day is not bad at all and I’m thankful it was finished with a yummy crab for my dinner.
Tomorrow is another week to start, I’m not looking forward for my early morning start (lol). Hope my week will be as peaceful, less worries and an enjoyable day for the rest of the week.

A few snap shot from my Sunday afternoon exposure

Winter Rain

I’ve been working hard this week, I went to work 6 days instead of 3 days before.  Not that I'm complaining but it's a bit tiring. In good side, I feel great because it makes me busy and I’m enjoying the people I’ve worked with and engaging to people in the shop makes it more lively and cheerful atmosphere.  I've enjoyed it.

Have you wondered it’s been raining everyday this week? Yes, it is. I don’t like rain. Also working on a cool place at work that surrounded with refrigeration doesn’t help.  It’s nice to just stand in front of electric fireplaces  all the time to keep me warm (hehe)

Winter was just started and waaaaaaah there are lots more of freezing moments to experience everyday.   

Car Service and maintenance

Yesterday was supposed to be my day off, but early morning I was called to cover a shift in the afternoon till evening. I had a car service scheduled in the mid-afternoon and it will finish as I’ve told just before the time I’m going to start the shift, so I’ve accepted the offer. It’s another penny, so if I’m able to do it, I grab the opportunity, thanks God for that blessing. 

I've waited in the car yard showroom for more than an hour, I’m expected that so I brought something with me not to get boring.  I read my citizenship test booklet and brought with me my tablet pc sothat I can watch my drama series only (lol). I was so engrossed with it.  It’s half an hour left to start my shift and the service is not finish yet, I was wondering if I’ll leave the car or call my work that I’ll arrive a little late. It’s good while I was thinking the service staff called me that my car is ready.  I still have time and allowance to be at work as it’s only 10minutes away from the car yard.

When I’m about to sign on the service record, the lady explain to me about my car history and performance. I don’t know what she’s talking about,(lol) it's all about car parts,the ball joint, bearings, change oil and so on, engine is good, tire is still ok and etc. I just told her if nothing wrong with the car and its running very well I don’t have any complain and I’m happy.  She just laughs at me.