Back Pain

It started last weekend when hubby had a sudden feeling of back pain.  I thought he was just joking with me just to get my attention.  Me, who was busy at work don’t really mind at all and was thinking it’s only a mild pain but it’s not. 

Last Saturday afternoon when I’ve arrived home, he had updated me about his back pain the whole day for some reason.  He is not really kidding but in agony for the first time because of the pain, I can imagine how bad it is seeing him having difficulty to drive the car and get out of the bed, or I can say he looks like disable to do something. 

On that night, we went to the doctor for check up and he was given pain killer to ease the pain.  Lucky he has given the remedy to rest, so the whole week he was on sick leave.  It’s nice to see him at home everytime, but also miss the moment when I saw him leaving and arriving at home carrying his leather briefcase   to give a kiss and hug, wishing and greeting the both of us a good day.

Now, he has still a little pain but it's not worst compare to the last week. I hope it will get better and he will be free from the pain.