Mysterious Ways

do believe that God works in mysterious ways, he really make things happen for some reason, he touches the heart of people and he made them a better person. I’ve experiencing his mysterious ways, I thought it's the end of my life's episode but it's to be continued. Although I don’t know where life takes me and how the story will tell later, I’m just hoping for the best to come and taking chances of life’s challenges and opportunities.

I love my life at the moment, though the desired of my heart was not granted yet, I'm contented of what my life now. it's not I'm wanting spray tan supplies but only God knows what was it. My worries before are time to time fading and were all occupied with my both jobs, it’s good I’m enjoying it and still happily smile. I’m bit tired after work but still have strength to spend time with my friends and colleagues acquaintances some times. I’m worry free, stress free at this stage, I have more freedom, more courageous and have more excitement and happiness in my life that is coming and that is all that matters now.

I’m thanking all my friends who are there at my side in those times I really needed them and to God who is just silently listening to all my prayers and working his ways to answer them in His time.