The perfume collection

This afternoon hubby had a quick look at my dresser cabinet looking to my perfume collections that are adding up.  Aside from scooter helmet, he also gave me perfume during birthday and he tries to smell each of them to compare what’s the best scent he will like most.  He has an original favourite scent first is D&G, the second is Britney spears Fantacy and now another one is the latest present he gave to me, the CK euphoria. I love the scent of it too and now will be one of my favourite, but of course I like all that I had collected.

I’m funny, if I smell nice scent on the public place and the person is closer to me or a customer from the shop, I really approach the lady and ask what perfume she’s wearing hehe. So the next time it’s my time to buy another one I’ll get it. My next target is DKNY be delicious scent, they are expensive but smells so beautiful. I’ll save for that.

I don’t know how or when I start buying perfumes, oh it’s because hubby had a few ones too which make me encourage to collect a few scents of perfume until now. I think I’m just jealous in the first place hehe that’s why I’m competing with his perfume madness before.  I think I'll stop buying if I had enough or no money for the perfume spending. Sometimes, if there is special occasion and exchanging gift we are expecting a perfume from each other. How funny was that? I should give a unique gift next time or maybe I’ll surprise him with Mens Diamond Watch which will be something new and special too.