Sunset view at Harbor Town car park

Yesterday, I'd finished work at mid afternoon I went straight to shopping center to kill the rest of my hours while the shop is open.  I had my fun and enjoy my browse but sometimes I can't avoid not to take home something. I end up buying my work shoes even though I still have like one or two but so tempting and I like it. 

After that I thought of going home and buy some food at mcdonalds, hmm I'm starving with the long walk I did.  While walking at the car park I've seen the beautiful view of sunset, even I was almost empty battery on my phone I'd tried to capture the sunsetting down and here it is shown below, I hope you like it too.

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To spend or not to spend

Haaaayyyss, now that I’m starting to save money and I’m trying not to spend on petty things, it is when all unexpected expenses and dues are just in queue now grrrrr.  Another temptation I’ve received from emails to claim my bonus point on QFF. If I’ll   chase for the points I need to spend money (lol) what I will do now? They’re my temptation, but hey I can resist and control not to spend on unnecessary things for now. I’ll just prioritize my registration and find a new insurance company that can give the best annuities for an easy pay.

How I wish I will win on lotto as what everyone’s are dreaming sothat I won’t worry on anything especially on financial matter.  But how will I win if I don't play the game?hehhee never mind, God will make away. I can do it and work for it.

In the Mall

This afternoon I’d thought of going out for a drive somewhere, I’m not sure where but I was thinking either to the beach or wandering on different shops in the mall would be fun for me.  I was almost about to go and say bye to my hubby but then he volunteer himself to go and drive me around. I was happy with it. 

I have decided that we are going to the mall with the thought I can eat my favourite food there and browsing on random shops is enjoyable for me but not my hubby, I can feel it (lol) But he has no choice, he offers to drive me around so he will put up according where I like to be.(lol) We browse on clothing and shoe shops and also to make him happy I drag him inside the electronic and audio shop, I know he will like it.  He then wander around some new upgrades, audio stuff particularly looking at pro-88 m-audio. It’s good he had his fun too and after all of the browsing, we had our dinner.  It’s enjoyable doing simple things together.

When you do Nothing at all

Today is my day off suppose to be it’s my day to catch up friends or shopping or a movie day.  But not to me, it’s my rest day, a home-based mode right now, due to arm and back sore.  I need to sit back and relax and do nothing, but to be online is an exception because it’s my only entertainment here.(lol)  I feel like doing house chores but can’t be bothered as I don’t like to overworked my right arm. I may practice my left arm to do hardwork as what the right arm does always. My arm needs to refrain from repetitive movements while it can to reduce the amount of soreness and I won’t hear the crackling of joints if it does something.
I’m on a day dreaming mode right now. So don't object me, hehe.  At the moment I just want to eat a nice meal, I wish my mum is here to cook something for me, to nourish my body with a good feed and to regain more strength.  I wish and now just imaging to have a body massage or a spa bathroom with pentair EasyTouch system control to relax and chill my body in the hot spa water. How spoil I am if I have this kind of stuff at home.hehe
 Day dream was finished. I just hope to have a relaxing, soreless and lovely day at home.