In the Mall

This afternoon I’d thought of going out for a drive somewhere, I’m not sure where but I was thinking either to the beach or wandering on different shops in the mall would be fun for me.  I was almost about to go and say bye to my hubby but then he volunteer himself to go and drive me around. I was happy with it. 

I have decided that we are going to the mall with the thought I can eat my favourite food there and browsing on random shops is enjoyable for me but not my hubby, I can feel it (lol) But he has no choice, he offers to drive me around so he will put up according where I like to be.(lol) We browse on clothing and shoe shops and also to make him happy I drag him inside the electronic and audio shop, I know he will like it.  He then wander around some new upgrades, audio stuff particularly looking at pro-88 m-audio. It’s good he had his fun too and after all of the browsing, we had our dinner.  It’s enjoyable doing simple things together.