To spend or not to spend

Haaaayyyss, now that I’m starting to save money and I’m trying not to spend on petty things, it is when all unexpected expenses and dues are just in queue now grrrrr.  Another temptation I’ve received from emails to claim my bonus point on QFF. If I’ll   chase for the points I need to spend money (lol) what I will do now? They’re my temptation, but hey I can resist and control not to spend on unnecessary things for now. I’ll just prioritize my registration and find a new insurance company that can give the best annuities for an easy pay.

How I wish I will win on lotto as what everyone’s are dreaming sothat I won’t worry on anything especially on financial matter.  But how will I win if I don't play the game?hehhee never mind, God will make away. I can do it and work for it.