When you do Nothing at all

Today is my day off suppose to be it’s my day to catch up friends or shopping or a movie day.  But not to me, it’s my rest day, a home-based mode right now, due to arm and back sore.  I need to sit back and relax and do nothing, but to be online is an exception because it’s my only entertainment here.(lol)  I feel like doing house chores but can’t be bothered as I don’t like to overworked my right arm. I may practice my left arm to do hardwork as what the right arm does always. My arm needs to refrain from repetitive movements while it can to reduce the amount of soreness and I won’t hear the crackling of joints if it does something.
I’m on a day dreaming mode right now. So don't object me, hehe.  At the moment I just want to eat a nice meal, I wish my mum is here to cook something for me, to nourish my body with a good feed and to regain more strength.  I wish and now just imaging to have a body massage or a spa bathroom with pentair EasyTouch system control to relax and chill my body in the hot spa water. How spoil I am if I have this kind of stuff at home.hehe
 Day dream was finished. I just hope to have a relaxing, soreless and lovely day at home.