Weight Conscious

All my life, I really wanted to gain weight. They said I’m not a big eater when they saw the way I ate. But sometimes I can see myself eating a lot and according to my hubby he always heard me saying I’m always hungry in every hour, I think I have worm in my tummy (lol) I hope not.  I reckon because I’m not into foods that are fattening especially the sweet ones.  I can’t eat much chocolates or icecream or junk foods, I try to force myself eating them but can’t do any better.  I like sour taste, hehe maybe that’s why I’m far away from gaining weight. Or I can say the structure of my bones is just like this, but I wish even like 50kg I’ll be thankful, but was not granted yet.  Sometimes I blame the weighing scale that it’s faulty that I should get a proper mettler balances. I’m sometimes desperate with my skinny body, some friend says I don't need to gain weight, especially my hubby, but if I heard a comment like your so skinny I felt bad.lol Sometimes it feels overwhelming when they said, oh your lucky because your skinny so you can wear sexy dress.

I’m just like this because I can’t get an adult size clothing here, if I need some clothes I always go to kids section.lol how funny is that, like the track pants or the singlets or shoes too. Now whatever weight I'll have I think I need to be contented and just be thankful I'm not that over weight like what others complain of themselves.

Backup files

Last couple months, I have a problem with my laptop, there is something wrong with the speed performance and I can't watch the video properly.  It’s not normal for me, I got used to have a fast internet browsing especially when watching live streaming videos.  Those days, my hubby was wondering why he didn’t hear my laughs and giggles when I was online. I just told him something wrong with the video quality, it’s not playing well and also buffering.  As my personal technician, he is always there to fix the problem of my laptop, he found out there was a virus.  I was lucky, all I know is browsing and watching videos but in terms of technical problem, I don’t know anything.  He had fixed it once and  it’s good that he had made a hard copy of all my files and had online secure data backup, that's a wise thinking of him. So if ever he will reformat my laptop once in a while no need for me to make a copy or save everything all over again.

Now aside from my battery I’m very much happy with the performance of my laptop especially on the speed and the video plays very well.

The sound of silence

Sometimes when I feel so exhausted and tired, I like to have my own peace and quiet time alone. Just listening to an old classic and ballad music is a lovely moment of my life. The sound of silence is sometime good for me, but unluckily, there is a time while I’m having a relaxing and quiet mode my hubby likes to play his loud music on the lounge. It really distract my attention and I become irritable when he does that. I will just go out and tell him to lower the volume as I want to rest and don't want to hear loud noise. It's good he just lower the sound or quit listening and go to the shed to do something, he understand. I think it would be a better idea to have like auralex studio foam designer kit for a sound proof wall protection sothat we are free to do whatever we want without disturbing each other in our own private time.

The classic live bands

This photo was taken during Mclaren Vale Festival. It was a beautiful day, there are lots of guest who were having lunch and was delighted with the entertainment of the live bands. They had played and sang some classic and old songs using the old electrical instruments that sounds amazing and it feels overwhelming listening to the voice of soloist. I love seeing how they play and combine different electrical instruments and gives a fantastic rythm of sounds, they're just so talented and gifted with this kind of talents. Now, I think you can rarely see those kinds of electrical instruments and it’s an antique collection for some musician already. Because of the new technology some electric guitars were created into a slimmer or modern look like epiphone zenith fretless music123 and also other sort of musical instruments. I really admire those people who share their talents and give happiness

The Entertainment

Last Friday, when I went to work and get inside the staff room, I was surprised and pleased to see the new flat screen television that was installed on premier mount on the wall. I think for how many years, it’s only now that they have decided to put a tv. I knew some stores staff room has, but before I also wonder why we don’t have in our own store. Now, everyone were happy especially world Olympic 2012 is on the show. It’s really good that we have entertainment during our breaktime and we are aware of what’s happening in our society especially the news and current events. Now we are enjoying the entertainment because of the tv. We are thankful for this privilege that has given to all the staff.


How’s your Saturday everyone? Well, mine is average.  I had fun at work the whole day and was finished 5.30pm. I went home straight rushing to have a quick shower then prepare myself to go to church to attend the 6pm mass. I was lucky my workplace, house and the church was just minutes away from each other, what a rush for me. It's good to be able to attend a Saturday mass instead of going on Sunday which I'm planning to be a relaxing afternoon when I finish work.

When I got home hubby was asking what’s for dinner, suppose I’m going to cook something but I was already complaining that I’m starving so we decided to buy take away. We had a yummy dinner, special fried rice, garlic broccoli and a steak with cashew nuts. My tummy is so happy and full, so my hubby is.
For a relaxing Saturday night, we watch a movie, I was wide awake form the start but because I was so tired, I accidentally fall asleep on my hubby’s lap and my hands wrap around his waist like he is my body pillows hehe. I felt bad if I've slept while watching movie with him. But well, at least I'm on his presence in movie time though I find it funny.hehe

On friday night

It’s Friday night, most of the employees were excited and rejoicing if this day come, I think you can see most of them now at the club and pub, but not me as I’m working every weekend, fun time is only during occasion for me, not every weekends as others do. I don't complain either, watching movie at home and an hour or two online is enjoyable moment of my spare time.

It’s not pretty much tolerable with no day off sometimes but well, it helps pay the bill and a little sacrifice only that won’t last not for a life time.

One day, I can have my own relaxing and freedom to do anything I like to do. What you think the best treat for me? I’ve been working so hard lately that I think I need some peace and quiet holiday, hmmm I always think of the Philippines to be with my family. I know it’s happening soon but I reckon somewhere different like beach house rentals florida would be a fantastic idea and a beautiful place to create a memory and experience once in my life.  I think nothing is impossible if I really want right? only time can tell and if I have a pocket full of money too would not be a problem. Beside I also have a best friend living in Florida that I haven’t since for a few years now, it would be a great time to be there and visit her as well.

I hope one day, I’ll win at lotto hehe, sothat I won’t work so much hours to sustain the ways and means of living.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Godbless!!!

Ticking of the clock

Waaaah the time is so quick, I just glance at the clock and in less than an hour the day time is almost over. I guess, I’ve spent half of the day on doing house chores, which is one good move I've done today. After that I'd sit back and relax for the most awaiting part of my day “watching the new uploads of pinoy drama series” which makes the time fly so fast as well plus browsing some interesting shop online and reading the ach rules  and regulation regarding electronic payment is something new I’d learned today.
Internet really gives us the quick learning process and knowledge about most of the things and current events that are happening in the country and around the world. It’s more than going to a library; it can chew up your free time and a good fun while inside the house.