Backup files

Last couple months, I have a problem with my laptop, there is something wrong with the speed performance and I can't watch the video properly.  It’s not normal for me, I got used to have a fast internet browsing especially when watching live streaming videos.  Those days, my hubby was wondering why he didn’t hear my laughs and giggles when I was online. I just told him something wrong with the video quality, it’s not playing well and also buffering.  As my personal technician, he is always there to fix the problem of my laptop, he found out there was a virus.  I was lucky, all I know is browsing and watching videos but in terms of technical problem, I don’t know anything.  He had fixed it once and  it’s good that he had made a hard copy of all my files and had online secure data backup, that's a wise thinking of him. So if ever he will reformat my laptop once in a while no need for me to make a copy or save everything all over again.

Now aside from my battery I’m very much happy with the performance of my laptop especially on the speed and the video plays very well.