On friday night

It’s Friday night, most of the employees were excited and rejoicing if this day come, I think you can see most of them now at the club and pub, but not me as I’m working every weekend, fun time is only during occasion for me, not every weekends as others do. I don't complain either, watching movie at home and an hour or two online is enjoyable moment of my spare time.

It’s not pretty much tolerable with no day off sometimes but well, it helps pay the bill and a little sacrifice only that won’t last not for a life time.

One day, I can have my own relaxing and freedom to do anything I like to do. What you think the best treat for me? I’ve been working so hard lately that I think I need some peace and quiet holiday, hmmm I always think of the Philippines to be with my family. I know it’s happening soon but I reckon somewhere different like beach house rentals florida would be a fantastic idea and a beautiful place to create a memory and experience once in my life.  I think nothing is impossible if I really want right? only time can tell and if I have a pocket full of money too would not be a problem. Beside I also have a best friend living in Florida that I haven’t since for a few years now, it would be a great time to be there and visit her as well.

I hope one day, I’ll win at lotto hehe, sothat I won’t work so much hours to sustain the ways and means of living.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Godbless!!!