How’s your Saturday everyone? Well, mine is average.  I had fun at work the whole day and was finished 5.30pm. I went home straight rushing to have a quick shower then prepare myself to go to church to attend the 6pm mass. I was lucky my workplace, house and the church was just minutes away from each other, what a rush for me. It's good to be able to attend a Saturday mass instead of going on Sunday which I'm planning to be a relaxing afternoon when I finish work.

When I got home hubby was asking what’s for dinner, suppose I’m going to cook something but I was already complaining that I’m starving so we decided to buy take away. We had a yummy dinner, special fried rice, garlic broccoli and a steak with cashew nuts. My tummy is so happy and full, so my hubby is.
For a relaxing Saturday night, we watch a movie, I was wide awake form the start but because I was so tired, I accidentally fall asleep on my hubby’s lap and my hands wrap around his waist like he is my body pillows hehe. I felt bad if I've slept while watching movie with him. But well, at least I'm on his presence in movie time though I find it funny.hehe