Weight Conscious

All my life, I really wanted to gain weight. They said I’m not a big eater when they saw the way I ate. But sometimes I can see myself eating a lot and according to my hubby he always heard me saying I’m always hungry in every hour, I think I have worm in my tummy (lol) I hope not.  I reckon because I’m not into foods that are fattening especially the sweet ones.  I can’t eat much chocolates or icecream or junk foods, I try to force myself eating them but can’t do any better.  I like sour taste, hehe maybe that’s why I’m far away from gaining weight. Or I can say the structure of my bones is just like this, but I wish even like 50kg I’ll be thankful, but was not granted yet.  Sometimes I blame the weighing scale that it’s faulty that I should get a proper mettler balances. I’m sometimes desperate with my skinny body, some friend says I don't need to gain weight, especially my hubby, but if I heard a comment like your so skinny I felt bad.lol Sometimes it feels overwhelming when they said, oh your lucky because your skinny so you can wear sexy dress.

I’m just like this because I can’t get an adult size clothing here, if I need some clothes I always go to kids section.lol how funny is that, like the track pants or the singlets or shoes too. Now whatever weight I'll have I think I need to be contented and just be thankful I'm not that over weight like what others complain of themselves.