Labor Day on Monday

I don’t have any idea that Monday is a public holiday as a Labor Day. I’ve heard from few customers after I’ve served saying “have a long weekend” I wonder why?  I was thinking because its school holiday so they will spend a long weekend with their kids, it might be the reason why (hehe) but with the random conversation of my workmate I only knew that it’s public holiday. I was happy and excited, it’s only the day I think with no doubt I have freedom for myself not thinking of going to work yaaaayyy…
After it was confirmed as non-working holiday I have this excitement that I can spend a day with my husband or thinking maybe we can drive around somewhere interesting and have beautiful scenery. I wish they’re not obliged to work on public holiday so that I won’t think twice of what to do and it’s the quality time of day we can spend together only, knowing his day off on weekend and I’m working.
If he is working some hours on monday, it's better in the morning only, I won’t mind at all. I don't care if I spend my day at home, I would love it especially to catch up a good sleep and be as lazy as I want. Or maybe a weekend night out with a friend on Sunday for a drink and to be with a dj mixer musicians friend is fun hehe. I can think some options if my mind will just tell me to.

How's everyone doing on Monday? Hope you'll have fun and enjoy the day with your friends and loveones. 

My Day Off Agenda

Haven’t been to shopping lately, which is good I think but sometimes it’s my only way to make me feel good and I’m happy. I can cope, in fairness I’m doing well, I spend nothing and it’s keeping me save money for my holiday.  But of course how I’ve missed to go shopping if only I’m not tired and running some errands after work, I guess I already stop by to the nearest shop from home.

Next week would be exciting, I have a day off and I can sleep a bit longer than the usual. I was thinking to make a noon time appointment to our accountant as I haven’t done my yearly tax return yet. After that visit my doctor, I hope he was on center next Thursday or already come back from his holiday sothat I can get the result of my blood test.  If there are many patients, instead of waiting for my name to be called on  doctor's queue I'll go to the mall to browse some stuff for the Christmas holiday to bring for my family. I was thinking  a Tacticalwatch for Luminox  to give to my dad and maybe a perfume for mum or I should keep an eye on something nice while browsing.

I hope, I can accomplish something worthy on my day off and of course I need to really have a good rest.

In the Mood

Yesterday afternoon I was in the mood to clean the house, especially folding the laundry clothes that was dumped in the spare bedroom for a quiet a while, it doesn’t sound good but it happens (wink).  I’ve watered the plants, pull out the wedges and tidy some bit around the house. I've also found the TAG Heuer  watch of my hubby under the bed, it's been ages we've been looking and thought it's gone.  I feel great not because of the watch but because the house was organized and clean.

Late afternoon my hubby came home and had the happy face and was surprised that the house was clean and tidy, also was happier when I’ve told him I’ve found his favourite watch.  I wish I can make a routine to do the house chores and well motivated to do that even tired from work.