Salmon Steaks

is one of my favorite fish.  What I love working on a seafood shop is that aside I can avail a staff discount, I can as well get to eat and taste the variety of seafoods we sell and also first to know if there are promotional products, especially the salmon steaks that one of the expensive fish that we sell. It's one of the popular and best selling fish at work that's why everytime it was on special my husband and I spoil ourselves eating baked salmon steaks with veggies and salad most of the week.  Aside from the yummy taste, it is also rich in omega 3 and are very good for the health of everyone. 
There are many ways you can cook with salmon steaks like bbq, grill, oven bake, panfry, you can eat them raw as well, sashimi grade fish and you can make it as smoked salmon and sushi. Sounds yummy isn't it?

Funny Weather

This week has been a funny weather, it's been moody and raining especially last Wednesday, there was a hailstorm again.  I had an Indonesian workmate that drives a motorcycle going to work and it's funny how he told me when he suddenly stop over in a shade when he felt the hailstones strikes on his fingers while driving, it hurts of course.  Lucky he's wearing a bluetooth motorcycle helmet, if he isn't not only his fingers will hurt but also his head, what you think it feels like your head catches all the hailstones?
That time as well when I'm almost close to home when the rain starts, just about to enter into the driveway when hailstorm begins, if only my car can escape from drops of hailstones I'll do it, I'm worried but lucky it's not long enough, I even walk out the car and felt the hailstones hitting in my head.  What a good experience indeed, all good and doesn't hurt at all.


Being so busy working most of the week, I can no longer think of my social life as in "going out" for a few hours especially if it's night out or having a drink. I'd love to but I can't be bothered most of the time as my body refuses to go and thinking I need to work the next morning is just me punishing myself.  It's been a while and it's a favor to me that there is no events or birthdays a few months ago from workmates. But of course anytime soon and depending to my mood, I know I'll be hanging out with my collegue friends as I can sense there is an upcoming birthdays and farewell party soon, even I'm excited now.
At the moment, while no social outdoor activities for me I just entertain myself by watching my Filipino teleseries that I was engrossed with and it really entertains me in most of my sparetime before going to bed. Sometimes I may cry alone watching drama (hehe) and suddenly had a good laugh and giggles when I switch to watch a comedy series (hehe). I'd like to get behringer headphones at musicians friend sothat I have privacy listening and hubby can play his music loud too without my complain while watching my series.  I wonder why what am I doing if I'm not watching, I reckon just watch the Oz tv shows or play online games maybe. 
I'm so thankful, there is online pinoy tv seriest that whoever uploads those series everyday on different Pinoy sites are so kind and generous to share the videos. You just don't know how you make all the Filipinos living overseas so happy and at home just by watching them.  Hope you all won't stop uploading the series and may God bless you in all things.

Open on Public Holiday

Last Monday was public holiday, the only shopping centre that was open most of the holiday was Harbour Town.  It was always packed especially the parking space, lucky I came there before the peak hour and still ample of parking around. I was there to enjoy the crowd, eat somewhere and look for a nice pair of work shoes or something that will fancy my eye. 
On all the long walk of shopping center, I can’t make up my mind what will I get because of too many choices I’ll make which is which. But just not to have empty bag going home finally I end buying the last pair and super bargain boots that was excellent and nice looking shoes, it’s not like Gaerne Boots  but still it’s worth the price I’ve paid, it had a good quality and leather  made. It really suits my style,above all I’m happy with what I’ve got.