Funny Weather

This week has been a funny weather, it's been moody and raining especially last Wednesday, there was a hailstorm again.  I had an Indonesian workmate that drives a motorcycle going to work and it's funny how he told me when he suddenly stop over in a shade when he felt the hailstones strikes on his fingers while driving, it hurts of course.  Lucky he's wearing a bluetooth motorcycle helmet, if he isn't not only his fingers will hurt but also his head, what you think it feels like your head catches all the hailstones?
That time as well when I'm almost close to home when the rain starts, just about to enter into the driveway when hailstorm begins, if only my car can escape from drops of hailstones I'll do it, I'm worried but lucky it's not long enough, I even walk out the car and felt the hailstones hitting in my head.  What a good experience indeed, all good and doesn't hurt at all.