Salmon Steaks

is one of my favorite fish.  What I love working on a seafood shop is that aside I can avail a staff discount, I can as well get to eat and taste the variety of seafoods we sell and also first to know if there are promotional products, especially the salmon steaks that one of the expensive fish that we sell. It's one of the popular and best selling fish at work that's why everytime it was on special my husband and I spoil ourselves eating baked salmon steaks with veggies and salad most of the week.  Aside from the yummy taste, it is also rich in omega 3 and are very good for the health of everyone. 
There are many ways you can cook with salmon steaks like bbq, grill, oven bake, panfry, you can eat them raw as well, sashimi grade fish and you can make it as smoked salmon and sushi. Sounds yummy isn't it?