Roll about walker and scooter

Everytime we went out, there were few elderly people we've seen around, mostly we found them in the shopping mall and supermarket or some along the road, parks and bay area. Those people are the ones who are not able to walk properly or can't make to walk  a long distance, that's why most of them were using a roll about walker or the scooter which I really like to have if ever I saw one somewhere.  If I saw this kind of ride, I'm joking and making fun to my hubby that we need to have this toy one day (lol) but of course I don't want to be disabled or crippled inorder to have one like this in the future, it just looks cute. I'm sure it helps and  is very handy, convenient and gives a person an independent life to live everyday, especially going to supermarket to buy daily needs is the most advantage.

If you're not familiar with them, I've shared the photos below:

"roll about walker" were used by elderly people who can't last to walk and stand still for a long period of time, it was made with a chair and a shopping basket sothat incase a person is tired or in a qeue anywhere else, it's very convenient to just stay and sit in the corner.
Scooter is the toy which I guess most people were wanting to have, hehe I often saw people riding this inside the shopping center or in a supermarket it's not only for elderly but of different age that aren't capable of walking or let say disabled,  This sccoter looks cute and most I think also fancy with this,that's why I like to have one (lol), it's designed for outdoor and indoor use to supermarket was the best part of it, just driving around and around, along every aisle of the store doing shopping while riding in the scooter seems to be fun, as what I've seen to the supermarket I had worked.