Last night was one of the nights that I had a good sleep, not as very long as I want to be as I know I’ll wake for a morning shift at work. The continuous and comfortable sleep I’ve got last night was the best not compare to the other night which was totally a bad one, no sleep at all.
Do you know why I had a good sleep?  I’ve took the prescribed medicine of my doctor which I haven’t bought before because I was thinking my allergy will just vanished quickly and it will come back again for a couple years or more but I don’t expect that it will react again this often as I’m experiencing lately.  Yesterday, I went to the chemist to buy Solone or  prednisolone tablet to help ease the allergic reaction of my skin but I will only take for 3 days as it has bad side effects if you keep taking them on a long period of time. Also the  help of phenergan an antihistamine tablet to stop itchiness and had the side effects of making a person drowsy but the good thing is it will help you fall asleep and that’s what I’ve needed. I was easily knock down to sleep last night while I’m enjoying browsing about numark ns7 at guitar center and was left unclosed because I accidentally fall asleep.
Tonight another maintainance of two tablets to know hwo I progress and tell the doctor the result.  I don’t want to be dependent on those drugs, it’s been how many years I’m taking them on and off.  I don’t know how long I’ll suffer with this skin problem, I hope not a life time.

Giant Wind Chime

The giant wind chime is a gift to my hubby during his birthday last month.  I didn’t prefer it as a gift for him because my choice is the wrist watch.  But what I consider is the celebrant’s wish so that he will be more happy on what he receives.  There is something with him why he always likes the wind chime, before we had a small one at the backyard but unfortunately was destroyed by a strong wind. 
Whenever we go to department store we always had a quick browse to an art and d├ęcor shop.  He always plays with the wind chime and listens to which one makes the best sound.  So on his birthday he finally got what he wanted, it comes in a package with stand so we will realy use it instead of hanging. The backyard ground is an even surface and there is a time when it was blown by the wind even it’s a giant size. We have an idea to put a leveling feet or leveling mount to keep it safe and stand still.

First, I’m not favour with the wind chime because I’m sure it will just make so much loud noise and thinking it's making sound everyday.  But as we listen everyday, it's good the door and windows are always close so it's not that very loud at all. It sounds beautiful not like any other wind chime, it has different sound that will change your mood and it's like serenading with the lovely sounds.
Now it’s already hanging in the shade because my hubby has no chance to make or find a nice position to balance the wind chime stand so it won’t be blown by the wind again.



I Dream a Dream

I always wanted and dream to have our own house one day.  I even have made a cross stitch of a house pattern and it looks beautiful when I've finished, now it's was framed hanging on the wall.  Recently, if I'm bored and nothing to do online all I do is just search on real estate property, in here and even the property on my home town.  I was thinking wether one day if we are going to buy a house that it's already built or hubby and I will customize the house itself and just look for a nice builder.  That's why my boredom sometimes end up with browsing stuff about interior design and looking what's the best materials to use in building a house. I've found a few ideas about slatwall panels at, I know it's kinda a job of a man to browse this kind of stuff, but I don't mind teaching myself and have a knowledge about some products and materials or what's the use and contribution on building or designing a house.
I feel good when I'm doing it and as well just amusing myself and not losing hope to have our own house one day were I can freely decorate, buy the household stuff I like, and a beautiful garden to have in the backyard.

Paradise by Coldplay

My hubby's private time at home is watching random video and music clips on youtube, if there is interesting clips he really carry the pc tablet and share to me what he just watched  He plays it again and again and showed to me, especially if he found some interesting clips from Philippines or other video or music clips of some popular song.  Sometimes, I'm not paying attention to any of them but he's the one that updates me so I'm thankful for him. He first became obsessed on gangnam style song, and try to dance with the music (hehe) even found another versions of it and keeps playing too.
Now,the latest song he discover and he always play is the Coldplay music videok clip called Paradise.  He really loves the song and keeps playing it many times, he likes the story it tells as shown on video. He also found a live concert of coldplay and he was amazed to how beautiful the concert was done.  Especially the effects of wrist bands that were given to all audiences, it's amazing in the dark when the lights were on of different colors. Of course the coldplay bands  who contribute and played  their instruments well, maybe their using an electric guitar from ebony gibson les paul at musicians friend  and soloist who sang very lively and had this fantastic voice,
Just sharing the original clip and the live concert from paris, hope you'll like it: