I Dream a Dream

I always wanted and dream to have our own house one day.  I even have made a cross stitch of a house pattern and it looks beautiful when I've finished, now it's was framed hanging on the wall.  Recently, if I'm bored and nothing to do online all I do is just search on real estate property, in here and even the property on my home town.  I was thinking wether one day if we are going to buy a house that it's already built or hubby and I will customize the house itself and just look for a nice builder.  That's why my boredom sometimes end up with browsing stuff about interior design and looking what's the best materials to use in building a house. I've found a few ideas about slatwall panels at mfried.com, I know it's kinda a job of a man to browse this kind of stuff, but I don't mind teaching myself and have a knowledge about some products and materials or what's the use and contribution on building or designing a house.
I feel good when I'm doing it and as well just amusing myself and not losing hope to have our own house one day were I can freely decorate, buy the household stuff I like, and a beautiful garden to have in the backyard.