Last night was one of the nights that I had a good sleep, not as very long as I want to be as I know I’ll wake for a morning shift at work. The continuous and comfortable sleep I’ve got last night was the best not compare to the other night which was totally a bad one, no sleep at all.
Do you know why I had a good sleep?  I’ve took the prescribed medicine of my doctor which I haven’t bought before because I was thinking my allergy will just vanished quickly and it will come back again for a couple years or more but I don’t expect that it will react again this often as I’m experiencing lately.  Yesterday, I went to the chemist to buy Solone or  prednisolone tablet to help ease the allergic reaction of my skin but I will only take for 3 days as it has bad side effects if you keep taking them on a long period of time. Also the  help of phenergan an antihistamine tablet to stop itchiness and had the side effects of making a person drowsy but the good thing is it will help you fall asleep and that’s what I’ve needed. I was easily knock down to sleep last night while I’m enjoying browsing about numark ns7 at guitar center and was left unclosed because I accidentally fall asleep.
Tonight another maintainance of two tablets to know hwo I progress and tell the doctor the result.  I don’t want to be dependent on those drugs, it’s been how many years I’m taking them on and off.  I don’t know how long I’ll suffer with this skin problem, I hope not a life time.