I sometimes cook our meal, usually if I do, it's only pan fried, bbq, heat and eat or take-away from restaurant.  When I tried cooking some dish that I'm craving to eat, it always doesn't come up to what I was expecting and I'm not happy with the taste. I'm always frustrated and disappointed, telling myself I don't have talent on cooking. But, I still keep on trying once in a while just to encourage myself to learn overtime as I experiment in my cooking.
Tonight, I thought of cooking Bistek for our dinner, one of my favourite dish. It's a Filipino dish,  a tenderized beef, cut into strips then marinate the beef with lemon, soy sauce, little bit of sugar and pepper for at least an hour.  I'm using the online ingredients as my guide.  I was a bit worried with the result, with the thought that I may not like it or same as my husband.  But luckily, it was cooked very well, not as perfect but I like how it taste when it's cooked.  A feel great knowing it's not a disaster meal again, now I'm full and happy so my husband is. 
Here is the photo below, our dinner served with rice and  different kinds of steamed vegetables.



What gift do you like on Christmas?  If you are expecting from anybody or  if you would like to have present for yourself what would it be?  Hmmmm as for myself I'm not really looking forward to any material gift.  All I wish is forever good health for all my family and love ones would be the best gift I can have. If only I can erase the word "sick" in dictionary (lol), so everyone are all well and happy.

But hey, of course it's a tradition to give and receive gifts from family or friends, that's one of the exciting part during Christmas, especially for kids lots of toys for them.  And for those who are looking for guitar as gift to their son or musician who likes to buy they could visit and check for more choices of acoustic at guitar center It's very well recommended shop to buy, they have many good quality and great design guitars, and they're offering special prices too  as Christmas is approaching. 
Anyway, I'm lucky I don't have many family members here, I don't need to worry or think of what present to give, to my mother in-law giving her a bunch of flower would make her heart melt. I hope everyone would fill the spirit of Christmas and spend it happily with all their loveones.

Summer sunrise

The first summer sunrise I've seen from my 6:00am start. Taken from work car park is a beautiful sunrise to brighten my whole day.

To watch more unique and beautiful skies around the world please visit Sky Watch Friday

Hotter and hotter

Yesterday,  today and tomorrow were the consecutive days of the hottest weather for the start of summer.  It feels like I'm only turning on the auto heated seat cushion of my car seat during winter, just feeling how hot it is when hopping inside the car to drive home.  I may get used of this weather now as I know it may get worst and become hotter and hotter everyday soon. I'll just keep my self cool and enjoy the outdoor activities while it's summer time.  It's only summer when you can do all the fun under the sun, that's why I'm loving the summer.

Which is Which

Before hubby and I always visit a furniture shop to look at what's best Home Living dining room sets to fit inside the house. There are many selections but sometimes we have opposite likes, I may like the modern design and he will like the classic or wooden designs.  Until we became undecided and we never knew we stop looking for furniture's.

It's been a while now and had forgotten to get a new one.  We are not in a rush anyway, now we are just contented at the moment of what we have and maybe if our mind is all set to one thing, that's the right to time to get. I think I'll be ok to either classic or modern as long as in the end we both agree and like the furnitures.

Filipino Community Mass

Today is my alternate Sunday off from work. I've always tried my best to go to church during my off and I'm glad I've made again today.  It's always been a great feeling and a spirited heart and mind when I've attended the mass, it cleanses deep within and just positive mode, I am.  
Today as well, before the mass will end, the priest announce that starting next Sunday 3rd of November there will be a Filipino community mass at St. Bernadeth Church, of course everyone that is not a Filipino are all welcome to join the mass too.  Whoever those people organized this Filipino community service it's a fantastic idea, may God bless you more.  There is an Italian priest who can fluently speak Tagalog that will lead the mass.  I was so excited when I've heard about it,  it's very close to my house and hopefully in there I can gain more Filipino friends or know a few Filipino around our suburb.  Although it will start early as 8.30am but I hope I will attend the mass by the time it's my Sunday off again.

Before and After

Last Saturday my friends and I went out for a dinner. It was a sudden plan only which I often prefer rather than plan early before and when it's closer it was cancelled.  But last weekend was a fun and enjoyable dinner.  We ate in an organic pizza restaurant on beach area, we had ordered 3 kinds , roast duck pizza, free range chicken and smokey bacon pizza.  We all are hungry especially myself who had a 9 hours shift from work that day. What stands out was the roast duck pizza so yummy and after that have a short walk to get an ice cream. After we feed our tummy's we went to one of our friends house to continue our bonding then we watch a comedy type of movie.
We enjoyed that night and it's lovely to catch up each other outside from work to have a good time.

Lift Up

Sometimes, people who are planning to buy a house has a certain criteria of what type of house they will like to buy or build.  First thing is the convenient location, accessibility to shops and recreations, the type of house to live in.  Most would prefer to have on a beach front, a two storey house especially if it's over looking the beach. Some were undecided to have the up and down because it's hard to go up when they're getting old. But don't you worry, if you want to enjoy the beach life and always have the fresh breath of the ocean, there is a solution for it. There is now a mobile device to access to the second floor with no pain and of climbing the stairs how many times in a day.
There are a few types of stairway lifts  that are available and affordable only which  are design for the comfort of people especially the old and disable or wether or not you are living on a two-storey house.  It's also available on some outdoor recreation for special people who like to go out with no hassles that they can't make it because of disability.
The photo below is one of the portable lifts for those who are in wheel chair, it is called a Stair Track.

Outodoor Lighting

I like the style of this modern outdoor lighting.

We are thinking to replace the outdoor lighting near the entrance door because it's very old already. We had replaced a new bulb before but I think the glass frame was faded and it doesn't give a brighter light during night time. For modern outdoor lighting - click here or the installation of infrared lighting would be an option because when hubby or I go home at night we need an instant lighting to guide us and see clearly where to insert the key when opening the entrance door. If there is no light and no one is home yet, I'm only grasping my hands where is the hole of key to unlock the door.  Sometimes it takes a minute or two if I don't feel it with my hands and just blindly pointing the keys around hoping it's the right hole.

Uncomfortable feeling

Again and again, the feeling that I don't like to have, it's uncomfortable to live. The stiffness, sore or the aches and pain that cause from the repetitive task at work. Sometimes we lift heavy stuff which I'm not very used before but now I'm strong enough. The repetitive movement of the right arm that was the one that does most of the jobs sometimes is tiring and become numb. Or maybe bad posture of sitting while on internet that's why I have back pain.hehe If the machine breakdown, so as the human being does.  The only thing that we need is a good rest and eating healthy food and proper diet will help us regain the strength and feeling well.
If sometimes I have this kind of feeling, a good massage is what I'm looking for.  That's why sometimes I treat myself to have massage, it's relaxing and stress relief for me.  Sometime, my hubby did it to but I'm not contented hehe I must convince him in this school for massage therapy  to have a short course just to know to massage properly so I can use him to massage me.  What a clever idea, a home service massage therapist he will be.hehe

Coin collector

I had a male work mate who likes to collect coins that looks unique and new to him.  Aside from retail assistant we also are cashier at work, so we had the opportunity to hold the money (notes and coins) from our sales. This guy told me that he has a few unique gold and silver coins collection.  Australian currency or the coins has the same shape according to the value and mostly same heads engraved except for the tails side that has different engraves on what year it was made and released.  Knowing he likes to collect new and different coins , everytime I was the one on register and notice a special and unique engraved coin I show to him and told if he has this sort of coins.  If he hasn't he will exchange it with other coins to replace the one he get.
It's funny how some person has their own sense of appreciation on a certain kind of object. Each of us has our own types of collection and it depends to a person likes and interest only. My hubby is a collector as well of one or two things especially gadgets, just recently he told me about the exciting olympus ls-20m hd video and pcm recorder at guitar center he just found online.

I think as long as it makes them feel good and happy let it be. 

Stir fried string beans with mince pork

Tonight's dinner was stir fried string beans with mince pork.  For everyone who loves and good in cooking for them it's easy to cook only.  But for me who just always doing the trial and error in cooking it's a bit complicated. I've tasted this string beans stir fry to a friends house, I'm liking it. That's why when I went to Asian grocery I bought a bunch of string beans for me to try and cook.  At first it's very salty according to my husband and obviously for me as well.  The second time I've cooked, it's a little better and tonight it's getting better and better. I'm a little happy at least I tried cooking even sometimes, for me it's big effort already and I hope I will make it a habit to cook often and laziness to cook other dish won't  trigger me to not cook at all. Maybe after reading the knee scooter reviews, I'll check out some new recipe online.
According to my research green or yellow string has a great benefits to our health.  It contain several vitamins in them such as vitamins E, B, and C. They even contain loads of minerals in them like iron, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Not only do yellow and green string beans contain vitamins and minerals but they also contain high amounts of fiber which our bodies need to push out the waste and toxins from out bodies. String beans even contain healthy proteins our bodies need to maintain healthy muscles and body tissues in our body as well as carbohydrates which help keep our bodies energized and moving.
String beans not only can help prevent cancers but they can also help treat and prevent health problems like bone disease, asthma, fatigue, digestive issues, inflammation, iron deficiency, high blood pressure, heart disease, and digestive issues. See string beans are more than just that food we hated when we were younger. String beans are super foods that help keep our bodies healthy and strong, but mainly gives us energy and protection from colon cancer.

Now, I learnt something new about the health benefits of string beans, hope you do as well.


Today's day off was more of cleaning the house, go to Asian grocery to buy some of my favourite Filipino foods, visit my in-laws and to feel good I reward myself with a new rubber shoes, as if I don't have one.
It's not only on day off, but there is week or two that sometimes after work all I think is go to shopping, I think for relaxing and boredom, it feels great but my pocket is not.hehe There is also a time that I don't go for a couple months on the shop, well done for me, but when I start it's like everyday I'm coming back.hehe

Sometimes I'm over the budget, I've said to myself I will only browse to enlighten my day, but because I can't resist of what I've found in the store, I buy a thing or two in the end. Time will come  I will declare bankruptcy under chapter 7 exemptions for shopping, if I'm not careful only.
The cheap to spend my day off is to stay at home, I tried sometimes but I feel bored.  Sometimes, I catch up a friend that I haven't seen for a while, not to become snob. Or catch up with my in-law for lunch and chitchat about the update of our lives.

High-Tech Oven

It's only a month ago since our old bbq chicken oven at work was replaced with a new and high-tech oven.  It's a lot better compare to the old one. The taste of cooked bbq chicken was also quite good and taste yummy than before.  Also it has the function of auto clean, how cool is that? I was so amazed  it can clean from a very dirty and greasy oven into immaculate, very clean and shiny oven, much better than the dishwasher (hehe). It's a good help and lot easier for the night shift, less time and effort in cleaning.
The only tiny advantage for me is sometimes I'm confused on how to open the door,  it has a different door knob, not the u shaped handles that it's only easy to open by just pulling out once. The new oven needs to be turned, I think left or right then pull, now I'm still confused (lol)  One day, I will get used on how to open the door without confusing myself.

Candy crush level 147

It's more than a month since I'm playing candy crush.  It's entertaining and a good remedy if you have nothing much to do on your spare time.  It's enjoyable yet worry some and mind blowing.  I need to be patient and should learn the tricks on how to pass the next level, how to destroy the jellies, chocolate, bit the time, don't let the bomb explode and other else that challenge me in the game.  Sometimes  it can be annoying and makes me bored if I stuck too long in certain level, it's the second game I've played on facebook which catch my attention and time.  Am I addictive? I may say "NO" not at this stage yet (lol) I try to control myself because I've been addicted before to Farmville. So now self control is what I'm doing. It's helping me and I'm doing great.

Now I'm stuck on level 147, it's the longest level which I think I was stranded for a while but of course, I won't lose hope I know soon I will pass this challenge.  I don't have lives now, the game is over on both my mobile and laptop, I'll wait till my life renew and maybe keep trying again. 

Now I think it's time to relax, maybe check out printing envelopes online to divert my mind on playing candy crush. Hmmm or check the tips and tricks and cheat on how to pass the level 47.(lol)

Day Off and Working

Today, as usual weekend I'm working and hubby's day off.  There are some painting to be done at home and only hubby can't do it step by step as I can't help him.   This week he had finished the toilet and today just the wall part of bedroom where the built in wardrobe is going to be installed.  He did it well and he seems like a busy bee, multitasking some house chores as well as mowing the front and back lawn.

Aside from being busy at he still can't forget of  buying cigars, although he said he is going to quit soon but then the body is looking for nicotine.  I'm just patiently waiting for the day that he is fully ready to quit and I'll be the first one to be proud and happy for life.

Now, when I got home just little bet relax from long day at work and then prepare dinner for both of us.

Internet is back

Finally, our internet was connected yesterday evening.  I can no longer depend on my mobile internet to browse important things I need.  My mobile is a big rescue for all online transaction especially paying bills through internet banking and also a big help to find a phone number of a shop or restaurant I need to call. My data limit was already exceeded since there is no connection. Now that connection is back life would be easy and I can have entertainment at home.

Last night I've slept very late, lucky it was my day off the next day. I'm one month behind with the daily drama series I'm watching before. I was so excited to catch up so on the first night we have internet connection I watch most of them to be updated.

After that I've checked my blog and I have few things to write about and I need to find out the use of colposcopes in medical examination.  Another medical term I've learned today which is good, I think one day I might undergo to this kind of medical examination that is highly recommended to every women. 
I hope I can share or blog more again, but don't worry if I'm not too busy I'm sure you can hear from me every now and then.

From Scratch

Buying a new house was one of our serious commitment, biggest achievement and one of the greatest fulfilment we've made as a couple in reward for all our hard works.  It's our new home so as well a new start to fill our new house with overflowing love and happiness especially for both of us living in it so we can call it a Home. 

Having the house of our own now bring us more life, a brand new start from scratch of buying furniture and accessories everyone needs inside the house. The fun starts once we had stepped in and live on it.  It's stressing on some ways but exciting too especially on picking what stuff we need to buy and having to do list what we need to renovate or add up one step at a time.  Some of our old stuff we temporarily keep them for a good use while we still slowly getting things in to order and what needs to be prioritize first.

It's good after the loads of removal truck some heavy stuff that need to be put up like the tv monitor wall mount was already set up quicker with the help of my hubby's friends, if he will depend only my strength I'm useless (hehe) Now, only the tv is our entertainment while no internet connection yet.

Now, we are happy living in the house and still moving forward on planning on how to improve the house.

Home Decor shop

Today, one of the shop we went to is the home décor.  We are looking for a window curtain and bedding covers.  There are many choices and designs to consider  to suit our needs and wants.  I think we are getting much excited to transfer and looking forward to improve the décor inside the house. 
Now that I'm online, I just amuse myself looking for burlap drape here at one of the home décor shop online.  It's quite interesting and learning what the size, width and lengths to consider if you will find stuff like curtain, linen and other stuff, I thought they all are standard sizes especially like window curtain but it's not, now I need to measure the window when I finally buy the curtain.

Just Relaxing Now

What a fruitful day! I went to work and went home early for some errand to run around together with my hubby.  We went to a household and furniture shop to look for perspective lounge and dining table for our future house to be in the next week or two.   After a some hours of browsing and shifting from one shop to another we decided to finish the day and have dinner in Café Primo at Blackwood, yummy dinner we had and now my tummy was bloated.  Now we're backed home just relaxing myself and as always if nothing to do I just go online to check banjo at guitar centerAfter browsing maybe play candy crush until my eyes will get tired and fall asleep.

Coin Collector

The photo above is Morgan silver dollar, one of the collectible coins from US that is strictly uncirculated coin.  If you are  an antique or coin collector and don't have this kind of silver coin dollar then here is your chance to get one. If you want to know more about the coin and want to get to know the different kinds of Morgan silver dollar to when and how it was made.  It will be an interesting part to find out.


Last Monday night hubby and I had attended a quiz night of a work related organization.  The AFOPA, an Australian Friend of Palestinian Association, it's a voluntary and non-profit organization. The primary aim is to promote peace to all mankind especially in Palestine based on international law and relevant UN resolutions. The subsidiary objective is also the promotion of Palestinian identity, heritage and culture to Australians.
So that night there is a quiz night for charitable and fund raising project to all guest and members of the association.  The group of hubby are some of his workmates and me included to join or can participate in the quiz too.  There are some prizes, raffle draw and games which everyone I think had enjoyed with them. There are some tricky questions too from history, science, technology, media and etc. I don't have any clue on most of them hehe, I just find to look foam couch to relax and eat but also I share a little bit when I know the question.
It was a fun night, good experience and I'm glad hubby go out together with me and  socialize with his workmates activities.

Work shoes

Last Tuesday after I'd finished my work, I thought of going out to shop and look for a work shoes. The shoes that are very comfy, thick sole, good for dragging and walking at work the whole day but still won't make me feel tired. I had one comfy shoes before but it's already worn out and now I still have one or two but it's not a work type of shoes and they're only temporary replacement.
Anyway before going out, I contact my friend if she wants to tag along with me to have snack and window shopping too sothat we both have a company and we can catch up too. We end up going to the bayside area where there are some random shops. We went to some shoe shop but not find any work type shoes that I like, but the adidas water shoe attracts me instead.
 It was a good day even I didn't find the shoes I'm looking for. I'll just try at Harbor Town shopping center next time as what the suggestion of my workmate where she got her Brooks brand comfy shoes. 

Easter Holiday

Yaaay easter week is next week, how exciting it is to have a few days off from work, so relaxing.  Retail business will be more busier as usual especially the seafood shop where I'm working waaaah.  There will be panic buying on the last minute before the holiday, shops will be chaos and everyone are excited to catch up each other.
What's everyone's plan for the easter? Hmmm It's a family gathering again, that's what I'm not looking forward if this occasion come thinking I'm away from family and my hubby don't have much family too hehe, but well I'll just make sure hubby and I will do something special or memorable on easter.  I bet some are going out of town, beach or getaway somewhere relaxing or a travel escape and rent a car to explore somewhere that are worth the fun.  It's nice to be a retiree hehe they can do whatever they want like cruising around the world and not thinking much about everything but to enjoy life to the fullest, like what we can do as well but with limitation of time only.

If I'll be the one to choose, I like to have a long drive to the place where I haven't been visited here in Adelaide, maybe an overnight or two is a good way to relax and enjoy the experience of the new place.  But I guess my hubby don't like a long drive so it could be only an hour or 2 drive maybe on Victor Harbor as always hmmm, it's better than nowhere to go.
I just hope everyone had a great easter holiday with family and friends and also let us rejoice the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Epiphone Sheraton II

an electric guitar who has a vintage or classic look that will amaze you at your first glance. It's one of the best guitar that plays so well and create a sweet sound.  Anyone who have epiphone sheraton ii guitar are satisfied with the awesome sound of it. It's worth the money you pay when you get this and you really won't regret when you start playing and experience the many great features of guitar. 

House Inspection

Today was our first house inspection just around our area.  My hubby was so particular in choosing a property especially in concern with the lounge area. While we are browsing inside the house my hubby was checking the lounge space imagining where to put the big speakers and where the premier mounts of the tv should position. The lounge area is not big enough for the speakers as I can imagine but because the house has a four bedroom, he suddenly go to other bedroom that is facing the frontyard and thought it will perfectly fit for the entertainment unit, so the house seems to be ok for us if you think about it.
It's very interesting to visit for a house inspection, a big decision to make and very wise on searching the ideal property and because it's the first house visit we still need to think about it and see how it goes as we keep on searching othe properties.

Home Loan

It's a more than a week now since we came back from holiday and things are getting better, a sudden future plan was thought about and it's really happening.  The dream of owning a house one day, hubby and I have talked about buying a house knowing one day we will still leave in the current house we are staying.  It comes to the point that we are decided to get a home loan, a big commitment but well we will be the one who will benefit and it's better than forever renting a house.
A few days ago, I've started to research, inquire and visit a bank to ask about home loan, the current annuity rate, the hidden fees, mode of payment, requirements to apply and everything about home loan. They said there's a lot of homework and research what sort of property and visiting financial institution for comparison of home loan especially the rates but I think when everything is all fine, it's all worth the time and effort of running around just to get the right loan.