House Inspection

Today was our first house inspection just around our area.  My hubby was so particular in choosing a property especially in concern with the lounge area. While we are browsing inside the house my hubby was checking the lounge space imagining where to put the big speakers and where the premier mounts of the tv should position. The lounge area is not big enough for the speakers as I can imagine but because the house has a four bedroom, he suddenly go to other bedroom that is facing the frontyard and thought it will perfectly fit for the entertainment unit, so the house seems to be ok for us if you think about it.
It's very interesting to visit for a house inspection, a big decision to make and very wise on searching the ideal property and because it's the first house visit we still need to think about it and see how it goes as we keep on searching othe properties.

Home Loan

It's a more than a week now since we came back from holiday and things are getting better, a sudden future plan was thought about and it's really happening.  The dream of owning a house one day, hubby and I have talked about buying a house knowing one day we will still leave in the current house we are staying.  It comes to the point that we are decided to get a home loan, a big commitment but well we will be the one who will benefit and it's better than forever renting a house.
A few days ago, I've started to research, inquire and visit a bank to ask about home loan, the current annuity rate, the hidden fees, mode of payment, requirements to apply and everything about home loan. They said there's a lot of homework and research what sort of property and visiting financial institution for comparison of home loan especially the rates but I think when everything is all fine, it's all worth the time and effort of running around just to get the right loan.