Home Loan

It's a more than a week now since we came back from holiday and things are getting better, a sudden future plan was thought about and it's really happening.  The dream of owning a house one day, hubby and I have talked about buying a house knowing one day we will still leave in the current house we are staying.  It comes to the point that we are decided to get a home loan, a big commitment but well we will be the one who will benefit and it's better than forever renting a house.
A few days ago, I've started to research, inquire and visit a bank to ask about home loan, the current annuity rate, the hidden fees, mode of payment, requirements to apply and everything about home loan. They said there's a lot of homework and research what sort of property and visiting financial institution for comparison of home loan especially the rates but I think when everything is all fine, it's all worth the time and effort of running around just to get the right loan.