Last Monday night hubby and I had attended a quiz night of a work related organization.  The AFOPA, an Australian Friend of Palestinian Association, it's a voluntary and non-profit organization. The primary aim is to promote peace to all mankind especially in Palestine based on international law and relevant UN resolutions. The subsidiary objective is also the promotion of Palestinian identity, heritage and culture to Australians.
So that night there is a quiz night for charitable and fund raising project to all guest and members of the association.  The group of hubby are some of his workmates and me included to join or can participate in the quiz too.  There are some prizes, raffle draw and games which everyone I think had enjoyed with them. There are some tricky questions too from history, science, technology, media and etc. I don't have any clue on most of them hehe, I just find to look foam couch to relax and eat but also I share a little bit when I know the question.
It was a fun night, good experience and I'm glad hubby go out together with me and  socialize with his workmates activities.

Work shoes

Last Tuesday after I'd finished my work, I thought of going out to shop and look for a work shoes. The shoes that are very comfy, thick sole, good for dragging and walking at work the whole day but still won't make me feel tired. I had one comfy shoes before but it's already worn out and now I still have one or two but it's not a work type of shoes and they're only temporary replacement.
Anyway before going out, I contact my friend if she wants to tag along with me to have snack and window shopping too sothat we both have a company and we can catch up too. We end up going to the bayside area where there are some random shops. We went to some shoe shop but not find any work type shoes that I like, but the adidas water shoe attracts me instead.
 It was a good day even I didn't find the shoes I'm looking for. I'll just try at Harbor Town shopping center next time as what the suggestion of my workmate where she got her Brooks brand comfy shoes. 

Easter Holiday

Yaaay easter week is next week, how exciting it is to have a few days off from work, so relaxing.  Retail business will be more busier as usual especially the seafood shop where I'm working waaaah.  There will be panic buying on the last minute before the holiday, shops will be chaos and everyone are excited to catch up each other.
What's everyone's plan for the easter? Hmmm It's a family gathering again, that's what I'm not looking forward if this occasion come thinking I'm away from family and my hubby don't have much family too hehe, but well I'll just make sure hubby and I will do something special or memorable on easter.  I bet some are going out of town, beach or getaway somewhere relaxing or a travel escape and rent a car to explore somewhere that are worth the fun.  It's nice to be a retiree hehe they can do whatever they want like cruising around the world and not thinking much about everything but to enjoy life to the fullest, like what we can do as well but with limitation of time only.

If I'll be the one to choose, I like to have a long drive to the place where I haven't been visited here in Adelaide, maybe an overnight or two is a good way to relax and enjoy the experience of the new place.  But I guess my hubby don't like a long drive so it could be only an hour or 2 drive maybe on Victor Harbor as always hmmm, it's better than nowhere to go.
I just hope everyone had a great easter holiday with family and friends and also let us rejoice the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Epiphone Sheraton II

an electric guitar who has a vintage or classic look that will amaze you at your first glance. It's one of the best guitar that plays so well and create a sweet sound.  Anyone who have epiphone sheraton ii guitar are satisfied with the awesome sound of it. It's worth the money you pay when you get this and you really won't regret when you start playing and experience the many great features of guitar.