Last Monday night hubby and I had attended a quiz night of a work related organization.  The AFOPA, an Australian Friend of Palestinian Association, it's a voluntary and non-profit organization. The primary aim is to promote peace to all mankind especially in Palestine based on international law and relevant UN resolutions. The subsidiary objective is also the promotion of Palestinian identity, heritage and culture to Australians.
So that night there is a quiz night for charitable and fund raising project to all guest and members of the association.  The group of hubby are some of his workmates and me included to join or can participate in the quiz too.  There are some prizes, raffle draw and games which everyone I think had enjoyed with them. There are some tricky questions too from history, science, technology, media and etc. I don't have any clue on most of them hehe, I just find to look foam couch to relax and eat but also I share a little bit when I know the question.
It was a fun night, good experience and I'm glad hubby go out together with me and  socialize with his workmates activities.