Work shoes

Last Tuesday after I'd finished my work, I thought of going out to shop and look for a work shoes. The shoes that are very comfy, thick sole, good for dragging and walking at work the whole day but still won't make me feel tired. I had one comfy shoes before but it's already worn out and now I still have one or two but it's not a work type of shoes and they're only temporary replacement.
Anyway before going out, I contact my friend if she wants to tag along with me to have snack and window shopping too sothat we both have a company and we can catch up too. We end up going to the bayside area where there are some random shops. We went to some shoe shop but not find any work type shoes that I like, but the adidas water shoe attracts me instead.
 It was a good day even I didn't find the shoes I'm looking for. I'll just try at Harbor Town shopping center next time as what the suggestion of my workmate where she got her Brooks brand comfy shoes.