Home Decor shop

Today, one of the shop we went to is the home décor.  We are looking for a window curtain and bedding covers.  There are many choices and designs to consider  to suit our needs and wants.  I think we are getting much excited to transfer and looking forward to improve the décor inside the house. 
Now that I'm online, I just amuse myself looking for burlap drape here at one of the home décor shop online.  It's quite interesting and learning what the size, width and lengths to consider if you will find stuff like curtain, linen and other stuff, I thought they all are standard sizes especially like window curtain but it's not, now I need to measure the window when I finally buy the curtain.

Just Relaxing Now

What a fruitful day! I went to work and went home early for some errand to run around together with my hubby.  We went to a household and furniture shop to look for perspective lounge and dining table for our future house to be in the next week or two.   After a some hours of browsing and shifting from one shop to another we decided to finish the day and have dinner in Café Primo at Blackwood, yummy dinner we had and now my tummy was bloated.  Now we're backed home just relaxing myself and as always if nothing to do I just go online to check banjo at guitar centerAfter browsing maybe play candy crush until my eyes will get tired and fall asleep.

Coin Collector

The photo above is Morgan silver dollar, one of the collectible coins from US that is strictly uncirculated coin.  If you are  an antique or coin collector and don't have this kind of silver coin dollar then here is your chance to get one. If you want to know more about the coin and want to get to know the different kinds of Morgan silver dollar to when and how it was made.  It will be an interesting part to find out.