From Scratch

Buying a new house was one of our serious commitment, biggest achievement and one of the greatest fulfilment we've made as a couple in reward for all our hard works.  It's our new home so as well a new start to fill our new house with overflowing love and happiness especially for both of us living in it so we can call it a Home. 

Having the house of our own now bring us more life, a brand new start from scratch of buying furniture and accessories everyone needs inside the house. The fun starts once we had stepped in and live on it.  It's stressing on some ways but exciting too especially on picking what stuff we need to buy and having to do list what we need to renovate or add up one step at a time.  Some of our old stuff we temporarily keep them for a good use while we still slowly getting things in to order and what needs to be prioritize first.

It's good after the loads of removal truck some heavy stuff that need to be put up like the tv monitor wall mount was already set up quicker with the help of my hubby's friends, if he will depend only my strength I'm useless (hehe) Now, only the tv is our entertainment while no internet connection yet.

Now, we are happy living in the house and still moving forward on planning on how to improve the house.