Candy crush level 147

It's more than a month since I'm playing candy crush.  It's entertaining and a good remedy if you have nothing much to do on your spare time.  It's enjoyable yet worry some and mind blowing.  I need to be patient and should learn the tricks on how to pass the next level, how to destroy the jellies, chocolate, bit the time, don't let the bomb explode and other else that challenge me in the game.  Sometimes  it can be annoying and makes me bored if I stuck too long in certain level, it's the second game I've played on facebook which catch my attention and time.  Am I addictive? I may say "NO" not at this stage yet (lol) I try to control myself because I've been addicted before to Farmville. So now self control is what I'm doing. It's helping me and I'm doing great.

Now I'm stuck on level 147, it's the longest level which I think I was stranded for a while but of course, I won't lose hope I know soon I will pass this challenge.  I don't have lives now, the game is over on both my mobile and laptop, I'll wait till my life renew and maybe keep trying again. 

Now I think it's time to relax, maybe check out printing envelopes online to divert my mind on playing candy crush. Hmmm or check the tips and tricks and cheat on how to pass the level 47.(lol)

Day Off and Working

Today, as usual weekend I'm working and hubby's day off.  There are some painting to be done at home and only hubby can't do it step by step as I can't help him.   This week he had finished the toilet and today just the wall part of bedroom where the built in wardrobe is going to be installed.  He did it well and he seems like a busy bee, multitasking some house chores as well as mowing the front and back lawn.

Aside from being busy at he still can't forget of  buying cigars, although he said he is going to quit soon but then the body is looking for nicotine.  I'm just patiently waiting for the day that he is fully ready to quit and I'll be the first one to be proud and happy for life.

Now, when I got home just little bet relax from long day at work and then prepare dinner for both of us.

Internet is back

Finally, our internet was connected yesterday evening.  I can no longer depend on my mobile internet to browse important things I need.  My mobile is a big rescue for all online transaction especially paying bills through internet banking and also a big help to find a phone number of a shop or restaurant I need to call. My data limit was already exceeded since there is no connection. Now that connection is back life would be easy and I can have entertainment at home.

Last night I've slept very late, lucky it was my day off the next day. I'm one month behind with the daily drama series I'm watching before. I was so excited to catch up so on the first night we have internet connection I watch most of them to be updated.

After that I've checked my blog and I have few things to write about and I need to find out the use of colposcopes in medical examination.  Another medical term I've learned today which is good, I think one day I might undergo to this kind of medical examination that is highly recommended to every women. 
I hope I can share or blog more again, but don't worry if I'm not too busy I'm sure you can hear from me every now and then.