Candy crush level 147

It's more than a month since I'm playing candy crush.  It's entertaining and a good remedy if you have nothing much to do on your spare time.  It's enjoyable yet worry some and mind blowing.  I need to be patient and should learn the tricks on how to pass the next level, how to destroy the jellies, chocolate, bit the time, don't let the bomb explode and other else that challenge me in the game.  Sometimes  it can be annoying and makes me bored if I stuck too long in certain level, it's the second game I've played on facebook which catch my attention and time.  Am I addictive? I may say "NO" not at this stage yet (lol) I try to control myself because I've been addicted before to Farmville. So now self control is what I'm doing. It's helping me and I'm doing great.

Now I'm stuck on level 147, it's the longest level which I think I was stranded for a while but of course, I won't lose hope I know soon I will pass this challenge.  I don't have lives now, the game is over on both my mobile and laptop, I'll wait till my life renew and maybe keep trying again. 

Now I think it's time to relax, maybe check out printing envelopes online to divert my mind on playing candy crush. Hmmm or check the tips and tricks and cheat on how to pass the level 47.(lol)