Day Off and Working

Today, as usual weekend I'm working and hubby's day off.  There are some painting to be done at home and only hubby can't do it step by step as I can't help him.   This week he had finished the toilet and today just the wall part of bedroom where the built in wardrobe is going to be installed.  He did it well and he seems like a busy bee, multitasking some house chores as well as mowing the front and back lawn.

Aside from being busy at he still can't forget of  buying cigars, although he said he is going to quit soon but then the body is looking for nicotine.  I'm just patiently waiting for the day that he is fully ready to quit and I'll be the first one to be proud and happy for life.

Now, when I got home just little bet relax from long day at work and then prepare dinner for both of us.