Internet is back

Finally, our internet was connected yesterday evening.  I can no longer depend on my mobile internet to browse important things I need.  My mobile is a big rescue for all online transaction especially paying bills through internet banking and also a big help to find a phone number of a shop or restaurant I need to call. My data limit was already exceeded since there is no connection. Now that connection is back life would be easy and I can have entertainment at home.

Last night I've slept very late, lucky it was my day off the next day. I'm one month behind with the daily drama series I'm watching before. I was so excited to catch up so on the first night we have internet connection I watch most of them to be updated.

After that I've checked my blog and I have few things to write about and I need to find out the use of colposcopes in medical examination.  Another medical term I've learned today which is good, I think one day I might undergo to this kind of medical examination that is highly recommended to every women. 
I hope I can share or blog more again, but don't worry if I'm not too busy I'm sure you can hear from me every now and then.