High-Tech Oven

It's only a month ago since our old bbq chicken oven at work was replaced with a new and high-tech oven.  It's a lot better compare to the old one. The taste of cooked bbq chicken was also quite good and taste yummy than before.  Also it has the function of auto clean, how cool is that? I was so amazed  it can clean from a very dirty and greasy oven into immaculate, very clean and shiny oven, much better than the dishwasher (hehe). It's a good help and lot easier for the night shift, less time and effort in cleaning.
The only tiny advantage for me is sometimes I'm confused on how to open the door,  it has a different door knob, not the u shaped handles that it's only easy to open by just pulling out once. The new oven needs to be turned, I think left or right then pull, now I'm still confused (lol)  One day, I will get used on how to open the door without confusing myself.