Coin collector

I had a male work mate who likes to collect coins that looks unique and new to him.  Aside from retail assistant we also are cashier at work, so we had the opportunity to hold the money (notes and coins) from our sales. This guy told me that he has a few unique gold and silver coins collection.  Australian currency or the coins has the same shape according to the value and mostly same heads engraved except for the tails side that has different engraves on what year it was made and released.  Knowing he likes to collect new and different coins , everytime I was the one on register and notice a special and unique engraved coin I show to him and told if he has this sort of coins.  If he hasn't he will exchange it with other coins to replace the one he get.
It's funny how some person has their own sense of appreciation on a certain kind of object. Each of us has our own types of collection and it depends to a person likes and interest only. My hubby is a collector as well of one or two things especially gadgets, just recently he told me about the exciting olympus ls-20m hd video and pcm recorder at guitar center he just found online.

I think as long as it makes them feel good and happy let it be.