Today's day off was more of cleaning the house, go to Asian grocery to buy some of my favourite Filipino foods, visit my in-laws and to feel good I reward myself with a new rubber shoes, as if I don't have one.
It's not only on day off, but there is week or two that sometimes after work all I think is go to shopping, I think for relaxing and boredom, it feels great but my pocket is not.hehe There is also a time that I don't go for a couple months on the shop, well done for me, but when I start it's like everyday I'm coming back.hehe

Sometimes I'm over the budget, I've said to myself I will only browse to enlighten my day, but because I can't resist of what I've found in the store, I buy a thing or two in the end. Time will come  I will declare bankruptcy under chapter 7 exemptions for shopping, if I'm not careful only.
The cheap to spend my day off is to stay at home, I tried sometimes but I feel bored.  Sometimes, I catch up a friend that I haven't seen for a while, not to become snob. Or catch up with my in-law for lunch and chitchat about the update of our lives.