Stir fried string beans with mince pork

Tonight's dinner was stir fried string beans with mince pork.  For everyone who loves and good in cooking for them it's easy to cook only.  But for me who just always doing the trial and error in cooking it's a bit complicated. I've tasted this string beans stir fry to a friends house, I'm liking it. That's why when I went to Asian grocery I bought a bunch of string beans for me to try and cook.  At first it's very salty according to my husband and obviously for me as well.  The second time I've cooked, it's a little better and tonight it's getting better and better. I'm a little happy at least I tried cooking even sometimes, for me it's big effort already and I hope I will make it a habit to cook often and laziness to cook other dish won't  trigger me to not cook at all. Maybe after reading the knee scooter reviews, I'll check out some new recipe online.
According to my research green or yellow string has a great benefits to our health.  It contain several vitamins in them such as vitamins E, B, and C. They even contain loads of minerals in them like iron, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Not only do yellow and green string beans contain vitamins and minerals but they also contain high amounts of fiber which our bodies need to push out the waste and toxins from out bodies. String beans even contain healthy proteins our bodies need to maintain healthy muscles and body tissues in our body as well as carbohydrates which help keep our bodies energized and moving.
String beans not only can help prevent cancers but they can also help treat and prevent health problems like bone disease, asthma, fatigue, digestive issues, inflammation, iron deficiency, high blood pressure, heart disease, and digestive issues. See string beans are more than just that food we hated when we were younger. String beans are super foods that help keep our bodies healthy and strong, but mainly gives us energy and protection from colon cancer.

Now, I learnt something new about the health benefits of string beans, hope you do as well.