Uncomfortable feeling

Again and again, the feeling that I don't like to have, it's uncomfortable to live. The stiffness, sore or the aches and pain that cause from the repetitive task at work. Sometimes we lift heavy stuff which I'm not very used before but now I'm strong enough. The repetitive movement of the right arm that was the one that does most of the jobs sometimes is tiring and become numb. Or maybe bad posture of sitting while on internet that's why I have back pain.hehe If the machine breakdown, so as the human being does.  The only thing that we need is a good rest and eating healthy food and proper diet will help us regain the strength and feeling well.
If sometimes I have this kind of feeling, a good massage is what I'm looking for.  That's why sometimes I treat myself to have massage, it's relaxing and stress relief for me.  Sometime, my hubby did it to but I'm not contented hehe I must convince him in this school for massage therapy  to have a short course just to know to massage properly so I can use him to massage me.  What a clever idea, a home service massage therapist he will be.hehe