Filipino Community Mass

Today is my alternate Sunday off from work. I've always tried my best to go to church during my off and I'm glad I've made again today.  It's always been a great feeling and a spirited heart and mind when I've attended the mass, it cleanses deep within and just positive mode, I am.  
Today as well, before the mass will end, the priest announce that starting next Sunday 3rd of November there will be a Filipino community mass at St. Bernadeth Church, of course everyone that is not a Filipino are all welcome to join the mass too.  Whoever those people organized this Filipino community service it's a fantastic idea, may God bless you more.  There is an Italian priest who can fluently speak Tagalog that will lead the mass.  I was so excited when I've heard about it,  it's very close to my house and hopefully in there I can gain more Filipino friends or know a few Filipino around our suburb.  Although it will start early as 8.30am but I hope I will attend the mass by the time it's my Sunday off again.