Lift Up

Sometimes, people who are planning to buy a house has a certain criteria of what type of house they will like to buy or build.  First thing is the convenient location, accessibility to shops and recreations, the type of house to live in.  Most would prefer to have on a beach front, a two storey house especially if it's over looking the beach. Some were undecided to have the up and down because it's hard to go up when they're getting old. But don't you worry, if you want to enjoy the beach life and always have the fresh breath of the ocean, there is a solution for it. There is now a mobile device to access to the second floor with no pain and of climbing the stairs how many times in a day.
There are a few types of stairway lifts  that are available and affordable only which  are design for the comfort of people especially the old and disable or wether or not you are living on a two-storey house.  It's also available on some outdoor recreation for special people who like to go out with no hassles that they can't make it because of disability.
The photo below is one of the portable lifts for those who are in wheel chair, it is called a Stair Track.