What gift do you like on Christmas?  If you are expecting from anybody or  if you would like to have present for yourself what would it be?  Hmmmm as for myself I'm not really looking forward to any material gift.  All I wish is forever good health for all my family and love ones would be the best gift I can have. If only I can erase the word "sick" in dictionary (lol), so everyone are all well and happy.

But hey, of course it's a tradition to give and receive gifts from family or friends, that's one of the exciting part during Christmas, especially for kids lots of toys for them.  And for those who are looking for guitar as gift to their son or musician who likes to buy they could visit and check for more choices of acoustic at guitar center It's very well recommended shop to buy, they have many good quality and great design guitars, and they're offering special prices too  as Christmas is approaching. 
Anyway, I'm lucky I don't have many family members here, I don't need to worry or think of what present to give, to my mother in-law giving her a bunch of flower would make her heart melt. I hope everyone would fill the spirit of Christmas and spend it happily with all their loveones.