New Contract

Last Friday, I went to my mobile network shop to renew my contract. Normally the network company  allows  and waive at least 3 months before the contract ends, so I grab the opportunity to use the benefits. Usually I do upgrade my phone when there is new release in the market but this time I didn't.  I had made up my mind and I've decided to lower my plan to save money.  With my current plan before I can't consume half of the value every month and it's waste only so I've picked the low monthly plan.  I'm just after for another new phone and happy to get the  lower plan that I think it's enough for me to use in a month to month basis.  I got the Samsung 4 mobile for the plan that I can only choose, 20 dollars difference it's not bad at all. Aside that it includes battery, it has also free  Beginner Headphones, now I had 2 headphones from previous S3 phone.  It would be handy in case I want to listen radio when I'm bored and in a quite place would be perfect to listen to it.
Now, I had S3 as my spare phone, it's actually almost 2 months old only, I'm still under warranty when it became faulty, so it was replaced a new one.  I plan to give this to my mum or brother when I go for holiday or send it to some friend who will visit sooner in the Philippines.

After 12 days

After 12 days, it's finally my day off today. It's been long days for me to keep on working everyday, but the reward is good and have enough money to pay this coming quarterly bills and of course have some extra to do Christmas shopping (lol).  Today, is a very good relaxing day to have a long hours sleep and just chill out at home.  Later, I'll do some house chores and go for grocery shopping, I better list what I need to buy so I won't forget the fatip brand razor blades he wanted me to buy.
In my mind, I think like doing some gardening but I feel like lazy to do today hehe. I think I'll just relax more until I got more energy to do it the next day off. As for now, I'm just browsing online and reading some useful articles maybe after this I'll have a power nap and start doing the chores.
Hope you all had a wonderful day.

To Give Away

So lucky to have the lemon tree that bears fruit all year round.  It's too much for us that I often give away to my friends.  They're so happy if I tell them I just had picked lots of lemon. So if ever they have time they can visit and pick themselves or just pick up when I have them ready.  Some I just bring to my workmate who uses lemon often.  Sometimes if I don't notice that lemon fruits are too ripe, it's a pity they just fell on the ground and is a waste only if I don't squeeze them straight away they become rotten easily.

The lemons are very helpful and important to our daily diet, that's why I tried my best to make use of what we have and also share to my friends.


A month ago my S3 mobile was acting weird.  The battery usage last very quick, I just finish recharging but soon it's already critical warning that needs charging again.  I notice everyday that it's getting worst, the screen hangs up and freezes and it will not reboot until I removed the battery, then turn on again and it works.  I went to my network service provider for check up and they said the battery is faulty and it's not under warranty anymore except for the phone.  So, get one new battery to hopefully make it work, it does but after the restoration of the phone, there is a serious problem with the software.  I sent it for repair to the service center and after a week I was contacted by the provider to come and pick up my phone.  I was excited hoping it was fixed at the same time nervous maybe they can't make it work again.
Guess what?  They replace a new one without telling me what is the real problem of the old phone.  How lucky I was to get a new phone again. Thanks to my network provider who always have positive result for giving good service to the customer.
Now I enjoyed using the brand new phone. 

Sun Cover

Days are getting warmer and warmer, summer days here you come. I'm so looking forward to feel it and enjoy the outdoor activities.  Now, no more wearing jumpers, coats, trackies and ugg boots all through out the day, it sounds fantastic.

Hubby and I can now start to spend more time out in the backyard  but to do that  often we need sun shade cover extension in the backyard alfresco, I think the spandex stretch sails might do to give shade from the summer heat.

 Sun shade sail
I'm excited for the summer season, especially my friends from interstate are coming this weekend to visit me and spend the long weekend with them showing the beautiful places in Adelaide.

Entertainment Show

I don't really watch the television so often but when something catches my mood and my interest I really watch it continuously.  Like the one that entertains me now is the X-factor 2014, especially there is a Filipina contestant that is joining in the competition which I'm always awaiting to watch in every show. They're all very talented musician's that has their own unique styles and beautiful voices to offer. I just like listening to every song they will sing and I like admiring their voices.
I'm just hoping the Filipina contestant will remain and be on the top 5 or even win the X-factor 2014. 

The Jewel

Do you have lots of jewellery collection of yourself? This can be an expensive collections, I don't have much because I can't afford it, but of course I'd would love to have a few specially with the diamonds studs just for wishful thinking. But well, I only get what I can afford and not very extravagant.  I like white gold and sometimes silver is the remedy which mostly can be mistaken as white gold if others will not ask hehe. 
In for MK jewelry, there were a few beautiful earrings and necklaces that I like with stunning stud in it. They're customers friendly prices and it's very good to wear on a trendy style. I'm not fan of bracelets, watches and rings, just earrings and necklaces for a pair are enough for me. 
I have two items that I like, check the photos below, I think these are the good one for me.,


Busy Life on my Holiday

It's been two weeks since my sister's holiday here in Australia.  Hubby and I also had our annual leave from work so we can tour her around Adelaide beautiful places.  Everyday was a busy day for us, we are always out and about. Hardly, no chance and don't know where to start how to update my blogs with all the ideas and fun things we did because when I got home I'm dead tired.
Now, hubby and sister was still deep asleep. I had a little spare time now so I had the moment to visit what's the voodoo-lab effects at musicians friend and maybe update one or two topics about my blogs. Soon, I'll start doing house chores just to tidy up some mess and house will look organize before we go out again later. 

Blue lake, Mt. Gambier

Australia Day 2014

Last 26th of January was an Australia Day, it's a public holiday and big event in Australia.  There is always a big celebration and the popular is gathering for a BBQ and drink beer with friends and family.  That's what we did we had a BBQ lunch at home with my in-laws. It's fun and enjoyable day to celebrate.

After our luncheon at home, I went to a friend's house to continue the celebration, lots of food to eat.  We also went to the city to watch the Australia Day parade, represented by different migrants around the world.  It's really great to see them wearing in their countries traditional costumes. There are some Brazilian girls with their Sexy Dancewear attire. They look very pretty and sexy as they dance in the street during parade.  It's amazing to see how beautiful, creative  and talented are those migrants who are joining in the parade. I've seen a few vintage and classic cars were also in the parade,  it's really great to experience this kind of event.
In my Thursday Challenge, here are some few photos I've taken from my phone during Australia Day parade.



Lemon, herb and pepper schnitzel

Tonight's dinner was one of my hubby's favourite meal. The chicken schnitzel,  easy to  make and very filling with a side of steamed veggies makes it a good deal.

Solar Panel

It's been a while hubby and I have been planning to put up solar panel in our house and for a project to accomplish, today we had booked for the installation of solar panel.  Before I'm not in favour of it  because it cost a few thousand dollars but  because of the benefit to us when it's already in use, we made up our mind to have one.  Also a wise idea in the future in regards to electricity bill.  It will be an advantage for us because we consume much of electricity every quarter especially when using the air conditioning often. I can't tolerate also the change and increase of power company per kwh usage.
Anyway, in a week someone will come for inspection in the roof to know what it was made of, the consultant wants to be sure that there is no asbestos so it is safe and they can successfully install the solar panel.
Hope there is no asbestos in the roof.


Because of my busy life with work and friends, and sometimes being slack (lol) and ignoring some dues I almost forget to renew my domain name. One time, I've forgotten to renew one of my websites on time so it was deactivated. I only notice when I can't access to it.  I won't do it again this time. It's always a yearly renewal and soon only four days left to expire so now I better renew it while it's not too late.  I'll still be loyal to choose the best website builder I am with nowIt serves better to me and I can't really complain with all the features and the easy way of using it. 

Heat Wave Alert

The weather forecast next week is really stinking hot.  There is heat wave alert for everyone to take care and keep themselves stay in a cool place.  If this weather happens  Red Cross foundation have some Teletech volunteers to check elderly people who live by themselves only. They check how they are going and everything is alright.  Sometimes people don't realize the heat can lose other people's lives if they're not careful and no one is attending them or checking how they are coping with the heat.
Last Year, there is also a heat wave alert,  same month or week.  Lucky we are in the Philippines spending our holiday so we escape the super hotness of the weather.  But of course, hubby and I don't forget to call his mum to check how she was and make sure turn on the air conditioning at all times. 
Summer is good, but sometimes it isn't if the heat wave alert is too often.  But most people don't stop planning of going to the beach, just don't forget to bring sunscreen for skin protection. While everyone is whinging about the heat, some people are thinking how to diet and have rapid detox for oxycondone rehab.

Anyway, just make sure everyone is keeping cool, always bring a bottle water with you if you go out.