Australia Day 2014

Last 26th of January was an Australia Day, it's a public holiday and big event in Australia.  There is always a big celebration and the popular is gathering for a BBQ and drink beer with friends and family.  That's what we did we had a BBQ lunch at home with my in-laws. It's fun and enjoyable day to celebrate.

After our luncheon at home, I went to a friend's house to continue the celebration, lots of food to eat.  We also went to the city to watch the Australia Day parade, represented by different migrants around the world.  It's really great to see them wearing in their countries traditional costumes. There are some Brazilian girls with their Sexy Dancewear attire. They look very pretty and sexy as they dance in the street during parade.  It's amazing to see how beautiful, creative  and talented are those migrants who are joining in the parade. I've seen a few vintage and classic cars were also in the parade,  it's really great to experience this kind of event.
In my Thursday Challenge, here are some few photos I've taken from my phone during Australia Day parade.



Lemon, herb and pepper schnitzel

Tonight's dinner was one of my hubby's favourite meal. The chicken schnitzel,  easy to  make and very filling with a side of steamed veggies makes it a good deal.

Solar Panel

It's been a while hubby and I have been planning to put up solar panel in our house and for a project to accomplish, today we had booked for the installation of solar panel.  Before I'm not in favour of it  because it cost a few thousand dollars but  because of the benefit to us when it's already in use, we made up our mind to have one.  Also a wise idea in the future in regards to electricity bill.  It will be an advantage for us because we consume much of electricity every quarter especially when using the air conditioning often. I can't tolerate also the change and increase of power company per kwh usage.
Anyway, in a week someone will come for inspection in the roof to know what it was made of, the consultant wants to be sure that there is no asbestos so it is safe and they can successfully install the solar panel.
Hope there is no asbestos in the roof.


Because of my busy life with work and friends, and sometimes being slack (lol) and ignoring some dues I almost forget to renew my domain name. One time, I've forgotten to renew one of my websites on time so it was deactivated. I only notice when I can't access to it.  I won't do it again this time. It's always a yearly renewal and soon only four days left to expire so now I better renew it while it's not too late.  I'll still be loyal to choose the best website builder I am with nowIt serves better to me and I can't really complain with all the features and the easy way of using it. 

Heat Wave Alert

The weather forecast next week is really stinking hot.  There is heat wave alert for everyone to take care and keep themselves stay in a cool place.  If this weather happens  Red Cross foundation have some Teletech volunteers to check elderly people who live by themselves only. They check how they are going and everything is alright.  Sometimes people don't realize the heat can lose other people's lives if they're not careful and no one is attending them or checking how they are coping with the heat.
Last Year, there is also a heat wave alert,  same month or week.  Lucky we are in the Philippines spending our holiday so we escape the super hotness of the weather.  But of course, hubby and I don't forget to call his mum to check how she was and make sure turn on the air conditioning at all times. 
Summer is good, but sometimes it isn't if the heat wave alert is too often.  But most people don't stop planning of going to the beach, just don't forget to bring sunscreen for skin protection. While everyone is whinging about the heat, some people are thinking how to diet and have rapid detox for oxycondone rehab.

Anyway, just make sure everyone is keeping cool, always bring a bottle water with you if you go out.