I sometimes cook our meal, usually if I do, it's only pan fried, bbq, heat and eat or take-away from restaurant.  When I tried cooking some dish that I'm craving to eat, it always doesn't come up to what I was expecting and I'm not happy with the taste. I'm always frustrated and disappointed, telling myself I don't have talent on cooking. But, I still keep on trying once in a while just to encourage myself to learn overtime as I experiment in my cooking.
Tonight, I thought of cooking Bistek for our dinner, one of my favourite dish. It's a Filipino dish,  a tenderized beef, cut into strips then marinate the beef with lemon, soy sauce, little bit of sugar and pepper for at least an hour.  I'm using the online ingredients as my guide.  I was a bit worried with the result, with the thought that I may not like it or same as my husband.  But luckily, it was cooked very well, not as perfect but I like how it taste when it's cooked.  A feel great knowing it's not a disaster meal again, now I'm full and happy so my husband is. 
Here is the photo below, our dinner served with rice and  different kinds of steamed vegetables.