Heat Wave Alert

The weather forecast next week is really stinking hot.  There is heat wave alert for everyone to take care and keep themselves stay in a cool place.  If this weather happens  Red Cross foundation have some Teletech volunteers to check elderly people who live by themselves only. They check how they are going and everything is alright.  Sometimes people don't realize the heat can lose other people's lives if they're not careful and no one is attending them or checking how they are coping with the heat.
Last Year, there is also a heat wave alert,  same month or week.  Lucky we are in the Philippines spending our holiday so we escape the super hotness of the weather.  But of course, hubby and I don't forget to call his mum to check how she was and make sure turn on the air conditioning at all times. 
Summer is good, but sometimes it isn't if the heat wave alert is too often.  But most people don't stop planning of going to the beach, just don't forget to bring sunscreen for skin protection. While everyone is whinging about the heat, some people are thinking how to diet and have rapid detox for oxycondone rehab.

Anyway, just make sure everyone is keeping cool, always bring a bottle water with you if you go out.