Solar Panel

It's been a while hubby and I have been planning to put up solar panel in our house and for a project to accomplish, today we had booked for the installation of solar panel.  Before I'm not in favour of it  because it cost a few thousand dollars but  because of the benefit to us when it's already in use, we made up our mind to have one.  Also a wise idea in the future in regards to electricity bill.  It will be an advantage for us because we consume much of electricity every quarter especially when using the air conditioning often. I can't tolerate also the change and increase of power company per kwh usage.
Anyway, in a week someone will come for inspection in the roof to know what it was made of, the consultant wants to be sure that there is no asbestos so it is safe and they can successfully install the solar panel.
Hope there is no asbestos in the roof.