The Jewel

Do you have lots of jewellery collection of yourself? This can be an expensive collections, I don't have much because I can't afford it, but of course I'd would love to have a few specially with the diamonds studs just for wishful thinking. But well, I only get what I can afford and not very extravagant.  I like white gold and sometimes silver is the remedy which mostly can be mistaken as white gold if others will not ask hehe. 
In for MK jewelry, there were a few beautiful earrings and necklaces that I like with stunning stud in it. They're customers friendly prices and it's very good to wear on a trendy style. I'm not fan of bracelets, watches and rings, just earrings and necklaces for a pair are enough for me. 
I have two items that I like, check the photos below, I think these are the good one for me.,


Busy Life on my Holiday

It's been two weeks since my sister's holiday here in Australia.  Hubby and I also had our annual leave from work so we can tour her around Adelaide beautiful places.  Everyday was a busy day for us, we are always out and about. Hardly, no chance and don't know where to start how to update my blogs with all the ideas and fun things we did because when I got home I'm dead tired.
Now, hubby and sister was still deep asleep. I had a little spare time now so I had the moment to visit what's the voodoo-lab effects at musicians friend and maybe update one or two topics about my blogs. Soon, I'll start doing house chores just to tidy up some mess and house will look organize before we go out again later. 

Blue lake, Mt. Gambier