The Jewel

Do you have lots of jewellery collection of yourself? This can be an expensive collections, I don't have much because I can't afford it, but of course I'd would love to have a few specially with the diamonds studs just for wishful thinking. But well, I only get what I can afford and not very extravagant.  I like white gold and sometimes silver is the remedy which mostly can be mistaken as white gold if others will not ask hehe. 
In for MK jewelry, there were a few beautiful earrings and necklaces that I like with stunning stud in it. They're customers friendly prices and it's very good to wear on a trendy style. I'm not fan of bracelets, watches and rings, just earrings and necklaces for a pair are enough for me. 
I have two items that I like, check the photos below, I think these are the good one for me.,