A month ago my S3 mobile was acting weird.  The battery usage last very quick, I just finish recharging but soon it's already critical warning that needs charging again.  I notice everyday that it's getting worst, the screen hangs up and freezes and it will not reboot until I removed the battery, then turn on again and it works.  I went to my network service provider for check up and they said the battery is faulty and it's not under warranty anymore except for the phone.  So, get one new battery to hopefully make it work, it does but after the restoration of the phone, there is a serious problem with the software.  I sent it for repair to the service center and after a week I was contacted by the provider to come and pick up my phone.  I was excited hoping it was fixed at the same time nervous maybe they can't make it work again.
Guess what?  They replace a new one without telling me what is the real problem of the old phone.  How lucky I was to get a new phone again. Thanks to my network provider who always have positive result for giving good service to the customer.
Now I enjoyed using the brand new phone.